Complete sets

We offer various affordable sets which allow every gardener to get started right away. From  manual machines to electrically driven machines with a keen selection of optional accessories that save a lot of time and make cleaning and harvesting a fun job again. The machines can be filled with approx. six handfuls of fresh plant material, which will be neatly processed in about 15 seconds.
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For more information about the trimming process, see the “how it works” page.

Optional accessories

In this section you can order extra blades and cutting wires, upgrade to a different model or you can order accessories, which will make your work easier or faster.
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Replacement parts

All mechanical parts and accessories (except the blades and cutting wires) carry a one year warranty period on excessive wear or premature failure. In order to provide the best possible service we advise to contact us via the contact page before ordering any spare parts. Often the problem is easy to solve.
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