About us

Trimming small bulbous or herb crops can be a tedious job, even for small hobby gardens. The automated machines that were available up to the early 2000s all had a multitude of drawbacks: they were big and expensive, noisy, inefficient, damaged the crop resulting in losses, or were geared towards large scale commercial agriculture. For the hobby gardener who wanted quality results, time-consuming hand pruning with scissors or knifes was the only option available.

This is why we set out to develop a machine that was affordable, yet able to handle to do the job in a fraction of the time. The idea was born to mechanically roll the produce gently over a grill with a fast spinning knife mounted underneath to trim off all excess leaves and or roots. Though simple as the concept might seem, it took many prototypes and testing to arrive at the desired result. After fine tuning the principles, from 2004 on we started to produce a simple manually operated machine in small numbers at home.

The machine was an immediate success. Convinced by the effectiveness of the Tumbletrimmer® leaf trimmers, local shops began to order them in batches of 20 pieces at a time. As a result of the suddenly increased demand, the trimmers were out of stock for a while during 2005. After scaling up production, our business grew steadily and by 2007 the Tumbletrimmer® leaf trimmer was well known in the world of hobby gardening, especially in the EU and Switzerland. By this time we had also introduced an electric version of the Tumble Trimmer® leaf trimmer with optional time switch unit. This success did not go unnoticed by our competitors, and from 2007 on, the market was steadily flooded with a multitude of Imported imitation products such as the Pro Cut and SpinPro leaf trimmers.

Since a few years, we have successfully started taking legal action against infringements of our Tumbletrimmer® trademark, and shameless parasitic copying of our copyrighted design. We will continue to do so, and extend this to other countries as well. The consistent quality of our product, our 14 year experience, excellent after sales and warranty services, parts availability, and loyal resale network have enabled us to remain ahead of the competition and continue and extend our business to other parts of the world, such as Australia, North and South America.

Today we have outsourced most of our production, but still personally check every Tumbletrimmer® or accessory, which allows us to provide a product with an excellent price/quality ratio. At the same time we can now focus our attention on developing new, innovative products, which will mostly be geared towards the hobby gardening business. There will be some exciting developments soon, so be sure to periodically revisit our website if you don't want to miss any product updates.

Anyone interested in our business or products can also contact us trough the feedback form. We strive to answer all inquiries within one workday.